Wow, my first post! As an avid bike rider and wannabe writer, I thought I would put the two together and see what happened (so proceed with a grain of salt!) 

Living on the East coast, I have been to some beautiful places on my bike, but I have a "bucket list" so to say, of West coast places that I would love to test out! Park City, Utah is definitely one of those places. The city has something to do for literally everyone, whether you’re a bachelor exploring the wonders of Utah, or a family looking for a nice getaway. 

Park City, Utah is becoming an up and coming location for not only residents, but visitors as well. The city has something to do for everyone, whether you’re a bachelor exploring the wonders of Utah, or a family looking for a nice getaway. If you are planning a trip to Park City this spring, you will have much to see and do.

(Image Courtesy of Jans)

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the top reasons visitors are drawn to Park City. Park City has a number of bike shop options, whether you’re renting or buying a new set of wheels! The city is composed of 150 miles worth of public riding trails, perfect for every type of bicycle rider.

A Taste of History

If you want to take a break from your bike ride, consider checking out the Park City Museum. The guides on staff are very knowledgeable about the community’s rich history. It’s a great location for visitors all year round and so fun to do on your bike! The building itself is over 100 years old which is historical within itself! There are also interactive displays so we don’t bore your little ones!  

(Image Courtesy: Canyons)

Resorts and Parks

If you can get off of your bike for a day and hit the slopes, Park City is infamous for its world class skiing resorts, but the fun doesn’t stop when winter ends! In fact, Utah Olympic Park, Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Resort, and Canyons are open all year round, unlike the "hills" of NC where I reside and love, but long for a little more than 2 inches of snow per year! Instead of mountains filled with snow, you can enjoy a nice hike and bike up and along these mountains. You can still feel the cool breeze from the mountains but the summer or spring temperatures make the conditions a lot more favorable. There are also a variety of cultural and community events that take place within these well known staples of Park City. From smooth jazz to food festivals, these locations are always a popular choice.

The best part about this place is obvious, the biking! A breath taking place full of places to see and all from your favorite seat (with wheels!) 


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