With all of this conversation about gun rights lately, I felt I might as well post something pertaining to that.  Also, I just wanted to prove to you that I can still write blogs, and not just post videos.

In Uruguay this past month, people were exchanging guns for computers and bicycles with a new government program: Weapons for Life (I can appreciate an ironic name when I see one).  Uruguay, as a nation, has a 21% college completion rate.  The US, by comparison, has a college completion rate of 39%, and a completion rate of nearly 60% after six years.

Uruguay has only one public university and four private universities in the country.  Universidad de la República, the sole public university serves over 80,000 students.  There are nearly 3.4 million people in total residing in Uruguay.  Only 31% of those are internet users. There are an estimated 500,000 unlawfully owned guns in Uruguay.

Image Source: telesurvtv.net

The country could deeply benefit from some internet connectivity and educational laptops.  Well, by giving up their guns, citizens can receive a laptop or a bicycle with the Weapons for Life program.

Now the good part:

You probably all know that cycling is cool. Duh.  But did you know it can be good for your mental health, and the economic health of your community?


"Cycling can be a social experience because whole groups of people can cycle together and meet each other in social contexts such as at an outdoor shopping center or at a cafe. Socializing and social connections tend to be very helpful in maintaining mental health because they are a big part of the social support network that benefits people when they are in need. Furthermore, cycling contributes to local economies. A research study found cycling-related industry contributed about $90 million a year to the overall economy of the city of Portland.""

-Jake Richardson Clean Technica

Right on Jake. Right on.

So in regard to gun rights, I don't know where you stand, but I think we can all agree that education, freedom of information, and bicycles are a fairly worthy trade-in for your pistola, if you weren't using it anyways...

Chicago Critical Mass - Image Credit: gridchicago.com

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