It's hard to beat a good protected lane when riding a bike.  There's probably no better place to be in an urban environment: cars and pedestrians are forced to look out for you, and you've been given the proper space to comfortably maneuver.

But what you probably didn't know is that creating a protected bike lane in downtown may also increase business for places with real estate along the street, consequently increasing real estate value.  Cool huh?

What's profitable for a business? Efficiency and productivity.  

"All the literature clearly shows that healthy people perform more effectively, [and take] less sick days. The performance is higher on a day-to-day level. Productivity goes up. There's definitely a correlation between wellness and business viability."

And as most know, bikes are smaller than cars.  That gridlock you're experiencing leaving that professional sporting event?  It doesn't exist when you ride to and from that event.

Just a little something for your noodle to process.

Full article here.

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Tags: advocacy, cycling, infrastructure, urban


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