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SolaRoad and Solar Cycle

Perhaps you've already heard of what those Dutch are up to these days.  

Solaroad, a cycleway that generates enough power for 3 households.  It's length is 328 ft.  (100 meters).…


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Bike Camper, Bike Infrastructure Cost Estimates, Practical Bike Trip Target


Feeling some wanderlust? Want to go off into the wild blue yonder?  Have no money for gas?  Perhaps you'd like to check out the latest in "Velo-Home" Recreation.  Read more on the subject from CityLab.

Feast your eyes on the latest and greatest.  The trailer…


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Spin Lister Bicycle/Snowboard Rental
 boasts bicycle and snowboard/ski rentals.  But anyone can list, via the app or the website, and essentially make money by loaning an extra bike to someone.

And you're insured for theft and damage up to $5,000.



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In 5 days the Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Launches

April 20th will mark the day Indianapolis has a bike share. It will have 250 bikes at 25 stations.

Check out their website to learn more.

Here's the locations of the…


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Valentine's Day Bicycle Love Rant


 I love bicycles!


What a fascinating contraption right?  They've been around for centuries, and haven't changed much in recent decades, design-wise anyways.  But there…


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Will China's Car Trend Be Parabolic?

In a past post I mentioned China and the car fascination that has struck the country in recent years. I've addressed the social role of the bicycle in several countries, but China is fairly fascinating.  As many urbanized countries seem to be moving towards alternative transport, China's car culture is growing relentlessly.…


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Bikes: Bringing on Socialism, Global Dystopia, and Blazing Aquatic Dangers

In a recent article in Bicycle Retailer, there were several well-selected quotes I would like to share with you.

"In the article, Toronto Mayor…


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SkyCycle and the London Donut Effect

There is a new transportation system being proposed in London by Foster and Partners.  The new system would be constructed over the existing train lines.  The system would be nearly 137 miles in length (220km).  It would be nearly 50 ft wide (15m) and feature over 200 entrance points.

Lofty, isn't it? I…


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FlyKly - Will it have an impact on the conventional bicycle market?

If you haven't already seen the buzz about this gizmo, watch the below video.

For those of us who are die-hard conventional bicycle aficionados, this thing looks ridiculous.  But, you can't…


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Around the World

You might be seeing more of these in your future:

You know that London has invested nearly £ 1 billion for bicycles and alternative transport in…


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Smart E-Bikes in Milan

Have you seen these things!?  I feel like I'm about to be living in an age only paralleled by The Jetson's series.

I would say it's on that level of technology anyways.  Don't worry, we'll get the spaceships to fly around in anytime now.

But you can't argue with something so brutally efficient.  This thing hardly ever needs maintenance,  has amazing…


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Bicycles in New York after Sandy

Photocredit: Streetblog/Elizabeth Press

Want to know how to get around post-natural disaster in a metropolitan city?  Try a bicycle.  Why? Roads are closed, the subway is flooded, the bottleneck effect is huge.  Well how do you get more through put on a road?  Just use a smaller vehicle.  Are the fuel stations…


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Why Do People think Cyclists are Inconsiderate?

Why do a lot of drivers feel that many cyclists are inconsiderate   Well, part of this can be explained by the affect heuristic: a mental shortcut that allows people to make decisions and solve problems quickly and efficiently, while often leading them to inductive reasoning processes which inevitably result in false conclusions about a particular thing.

What does that mean in laymen terms? It means that if a driver gets cut off by one cyclist, then that results in…


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Bike Move

So Ande and Brooke, on the 1Love Tour, which I will be joining shortly, have been very busy.  They're currently in Oregon, getting a sense of what bike culture is like there.  Ande did this short film about the "Bike Move," and what it's all about.  It's amazing stuff indeed, making a usually terrible experience into a fun one. Check it out!…


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The Dutch Get There by Bike

For those of you who have seen these informative shorts, you already know.  If you haven't done much research into the Dutch cycling culture, this is a great insight into it.  This video is full of statistics and bike riding.  I would go as far as to say America might benefit from incorporating some of this infrastructure and culture in our major cities.  Clutter, oil dependency, parking, and emissions issues may all be addressed by this reconfiguration. The Dutch have proven that…


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Rails to Trails

Some Rails to Trails information for you all:

The U.S. Congress last week was handed the statistical analysis of the first three years of the groundbreaking Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTPP), which dedicated $25 million to each of four communities across the country to accurately demonstrate whether such investments equate to significantly higher levels of walking and bicycling, and a reduction in vehicle miles traveled.

" estimated 32 million…


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The Use of Space

"The final project "The use of Space" is going to be architecture Master Thesis - about how to use urban space, with bikes, skateboards or just simple with your body."

Hugo Rocha is a fixed gear rider in Porto, Portugal.  I've always agreed with anyone who said a bike, or anything other than a car, is a more efficient use…


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Decline in Car Use

Call it a trend, a phenomenon, or just interesting numbers.  I can't fully explain it, and I'm not a statistician.  The League of American Bicyclists did this article about how America is taking less trips by car.  How often do you take your bike?…


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New to the Bicycle?

She puts it so succinctly.  If you're apprehensive about getting around by bike, this is good advice to follow.

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Bike and Build 2012

I saw this on Prolly's site, and I had to repost it.  This is great stuff.  Charity and bicycles is like peanut butter and jelly.  I really enjoy what he says about traveling by bike: you see more than you ever would in an car, and you're more aware of what's happening around you.  You meet more people, and you can change the world.

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