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Mt Fyffe

I've said it once and I'll say it again: New Zealand looks beautiful.  And this is pretty rugged as well.  No doubt a pretty rough run, but well worth it.

It's nice to see older cyclists helping new ones along in the sport/hobby/passion.  You can go anywhere on your bike, as far as I'm concerned.  Travel is a…


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Earlier, In Marin County...

The craze caught on fast.  Bikes engineered to go though the mountains.  These guys had  a vision for the future, and made it happen.  It's interesting to see the early precursors to the modern mountain bike.

"Klunkerz is the award-winning documentary on off-road cycling,…


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Riding the Alps

Breathtaking, wouldn't you say?

One thing people sometimes forget: biking is an adventure.  A bike can take you places you could never go by car or by foot.  You can travel farther with a bike, but not too fast or far to miss something you want to see.

These guys took to the Swiss Alps,…


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Thanks Stacey

Stacey Paulin posted this video on the Pedal Collective facebook wall.  Awesome skills man.  Excellent balance.  Thanks for the submission!

Anyone's video could be featured on the Pedal Collective.  Join and add your video to be…


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Four by Three

Rachel Atherton has been winning championships ever since she was a kid.  As far as British downhillers go, she's part of the elite.…


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Bike Chaser

If you're like me, and you spend an extensive amount of time watching too many bike videos, you've probably seen this one.

This little dog is fast.  I mean really fast.

Lily is her name, and she is a mountain bike chasing machine.…


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Strength in Numbers

So Ant Hill Films is about to premiere a film on May 25th for all mountain bikers.  The "Strength in Numbers" idea seeks to unite all disciplines and communities of mountain bikers.  Sounds reasonable enough, yet I wouldn't mind uniting all bikers in general, but this is a good start.  It looks to be a great piece of bike cinema, and it's free online!  Without further ado, here's the trailer.…


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This was mountain biking in the early years.  These things look like so much fun to ride!  If you've only ridden your multi-thousand dollar bike before, you're missing out.  What better way to have fun than to take out a bike and beat the hell out of it on some trails with a bunch of cool people?

Part 1

Part 2…


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Tweedlove POC King and Queen of the Hill

I won't be in Scotland, but if you're going and you have a mountain bike, this looks great.  

"The race is part of TweedLove Bike Festival 26 May - 5 June 2012. Race and events info at"

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NZ Mountain Biking

They say New Zealand is one of the most scenic countries in the world, and although I've never been, I'm inclined to agree.  Just look at that skyline and landscape.  This looks to be a really fast run too, which is probably the funniest type, wouldn't you say?

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Winter Mountain Biking in the Pyranees

For those of you who love mountain biking, I don't post enough for you.  This is a video to remind you of those cold snowy days that are probably behind you by now.  It's getting warmer every day here, but sometimes riding in the snow is fun.  I myself hate being cold, but there's something about that powdery stuff...

 Clever musical choice too: Labyrinth Ear -…


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Something for the Next One

Sometimes you have to just save something for the next one.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I'm trying to party hard, and hopefully you are too!

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Thin Air

Rubbing shoulders with celestial beings, that's the way to go.  Make the most out of your opportunity to ride, and go for the gold.  These guys hiked all the way to the top, over 9000 ft, just to go back down again.  Totally worth it.  Looks like a great time to me!

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Canada must be beautiful.  I've never really been, but as you can see, Mike Jones makes the most of its beauty by shredding down this hill.  Dig it.

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Intelligent Design

Mercedes Benz has nothing on this guy's bike.

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Danny MacAskill 2012

Danny Macaskill was seriously injured this past year.  He took a spill off a cliff and had to be airlifted to the hospital.  Needless to say, he was off the bike a little.  But he's back now, and I'm glad to hear it.  This is the subtitle to the Youtube video:

Profile of street trials rider Danny Macaskill. Using his new Lezyne Engineering tools, Danny Macaskill re-visits his old job, in the workshop of MacDonalds Cycles in Edinburgh Scotland and chats over his rise…


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David McMillan's Bio

For being 17, this kid destroys.  They say he has a strange style, but I'm no expert.  Perhaps what they mean by that is, he makes it look so effortless.  He makes watching that much better by adding a little flare to what he does.  I think he's got a great future ahead of him.

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Sunset Peaks

There are those videos that make you want to rush out and buy a downhill mountain bike.  This is one of them.  In this clip, Matt Miles rides down the slopes of Sunset Peaks Bike Park.  He shreds through those corners like a skier cutting through fresh powder.  Such disgusting precision is displayed, it keeps you on the edge of your seat.  The Phantogram remix isn't bad either.…


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Mountain Decent on the North Shore

It's amazing that this is self filmed.  It looks so good.  Talk about soggy, this guy might as well be swimming, it's amazing to see how well he can keep traction.  Just a killer video.…


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Carbon Road Carving Lines

If you haven't seen this yet, it's pretty impressive.  These guys have true faith in their equipment.  I have to say, its a wonder something didn't break.  It goes to show you how well quality carbon can hold up.  Those are some pretty tight rim brakes too.  Enjoy!

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