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Kuala Lumpur International Fixed Gear Tournament

In my brief visit to Kuala Lumpur, I didn't have a bike with me. Yet it seems like Malaysia is an excellent place to bike, am I right?

This video was for promoting an event held this past September, I'm not sure if any of the Pedal Collective members made it out. If so, tell us how it was! Check out their website at Yellow Bike Company.

Dalam lawatan singkat saya ke Kuala Lumpur, saya tidak mempunyai basikal dengan…


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Redbull Ride N' Style Recap

I missed the Redbull Ride N' Style in San Francisco, and so I have to vicariously view it through these videos.  It's an annual event they hold which features all the various types of fixed gear riding.  They say it grows every year, and I can't say I'm surprised.  This is supposed to be a "rough edit," but I think it looks pretty good.

Some extra info and…


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Alleycat Addiction

The Alleycat Race is a understated race type.  More people ought to give it a try.  It's like insane field hockey on steroids.  It's anarchistic and revolutionary (a bad pun). Don't forget, it's also charitable.  Post your race today.  Organize a race and benefit a cause of your…


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Rainier Schaefer

I was in a Who sort of mood, so I thought I'd post this.  I enjoy time-lapse photography anyways.  It's a segment from a Macaframa film.  There's a lot of stigma surrounding fixed gear bicycles.  "Hipsters" are the stereotypical people that ride them.  Let me tell you though, that is definitely not the case.  This guy is a cyclist through and through.  You can tell this guy rides his bike as much as he can, and he loves it.  He flies too.…


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Custom Folding Fixed Gear

I'm not sure if you can buy these bikes.  There's probably not much of a demand for them since you can get smaller folding bikes or just an outright fixed gear bike for less.  It's a strange middle ground, which sort of brings the best of both worlds.  I think this fellow made it for himself.  No doubt he gets unsolicited offers from perspective buyers. Turning heads seems to be another byproduct.  Solid indeed.…


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Breakin' LA Teaser

I saw this clip for an upcoming film.  It's called Breakin' LA.  Their website is here.  Not sure when the release date is, but I wouldn't mind seeing it.  From what I can gather, it looks to be a unified bicycle effort to retake the urban landscape of LA by some folks from Hamburg, Germany.  Also, they're helping out the homeless!  All types of bicycles working together to bring awareness to a very car-driven culture in…


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Rumble and Tumble

So last night I participated in the Fixt of Fury 2 Alleycat.  It started at the Looking Glass Lounge.  There was a good turn out, a lot of familiar faces.  My friend Richard came along to keep me honest.  I started well, my buddy Neil helping me out along the way.  He and I took a little cut through a park and through some mud.  I don't really know what happened when I hit pavement again, but one thing was certain: traction was…


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Bike Love!

Awesome Song! 

MP3 for Download

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Killer Tour

This is a fairly old clip, but definitely awesome.  Sometimes, you just have to do something ill-advised.  It may turn out for the better.  This clip speaks to that.  A fixed gear bike going across 750 miles of California, I can only imagine what that feels like.  Just ride!

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State Bicycle Co.

These guys make great stuff.  I've been itching to get a fixed freestyle for a while now, but I'm not for sure.  It could double as my mountain bike.  Anyways, I saw this edit that State Bicycle Co. made for their fixed freestyle line that's just getting off the ground.  Their website is here. State Bicycle Co. also has a profile on The Pedal Collective which can be found …


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Happy Holidaze Alley Cat

I had a great time at the alley cat.  Saw some familiar faces, rode hard, drank some good beer and just enjoyed the atmosphere.  There were some really quick guys racing.  I'm not too shabby, but some of these racers did it like it was nothing.  It was a great turnout, perhaps 30 riders attended.  And thanks to us, as the owner of Capitol Hemp pointed out, we helped saved jobs for a local independent business.  If only we could have these things every day, we could save the economy one alley…


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Autumn is now Winter

This video is entitled "Autumn Breath," but not it's more like winter here.  That cutting feeling when you breath in that cool air, there's nothing like it.  Getting on your bike and sprinting all out through some crisp air, what a feeling.  The bike in the video was made to go as fast as you can, for as long as you can.  To me, it's inspiring.  We all love our bikes, but in the end, a bike is only as good as its rider.  Treat your bike well, take it for a run every once in a…


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Rabu Special

I really enjoy short clips like these.  Really, they're small films.  Most people that like cameras and bicycles enjoy these sort of things, so if that's up your alley, definitely watch this.  Bicycle film festivals are seem really interesting to me.  It seems like anything else, there's a lot of mediocre pieces you have to sort through to get to the diamond in the rough.  I feel that this is clip is definitely above average.  It won 1st place in the competition.  They filmed this with the…


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DC Velodrome

This is so exciting!  A friend brought this to my attention recently, and I had no idea.  Evidently there is a velodrome being built in Washington DC.  Before this, you had to to to Trexelertown, Pennsylvania or Asheville, North Carolina.  Personally, I've never had the chance to ride a velodrome before.  Now I have no excuse, and I can't wait to ride on it and watch competitions.  Here's the article.…


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