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Will China's Car Trend Be Parabolic?

In a past post I mentioned China and the car fascination that has struck the country in recent years. I've addressed the social role of the bicycle in several countries, but China is fairly fascinating.  As many urbanized countries seem to be moving towards alternative transport, China's car culture is growing relentlessly.…


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New Fillet Brazed Bike

I've just gotten a chance to take my brand new fillet-brazed fixed gear bike I made out for a longer ride around Portland.  I built the wheels myself as well.  Since this picture, I've managed to wrap the handlebars and attach a brake lever. It cuts the corners like a hot knife through butter, and it's like a race horse out of the starting gate from a stop light.…


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Cycle Me Home Film: Fixed Gear Europe Tour

Photocredit: Cycle Me Home Facebook


Cycle Me Home is a film nearing completion.

"In the summer of 2011, a few film students and bike lovers decided to make a documentary movie. The original idea came from Levi, a Hungarian film student, who went to Madrid for 5 months to study, and after finishing school there, he decided to go back to Budapest…


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Red Hook Crit 2012

Criteriums are not for the faint at heart, both literally and metaphorically.  If you want to feel like your heart might explode either because of the physical exertion you're engaging in, or because of the fraction of an inch your pedal came from striking the pavement in a pack of…


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Kuala Lumpur International Fixed Gear Tournament

In my brief visit to Kuala Lumpur, I didn't have a bike with me. Yet it seems like Malaysia is an excellent place to bike, am I right?

This video was for promoting an event held this past September, I'm not sure if any of the Pedal Collective members made it out. If so, tell us how it was! Check out their website at Yellow Bike Company.

Dalam lawatan singkat saya ke Kuala Lumpur, saya tidak mempunyai basikal dengan…


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Long Fixed Rides in the Country

Here's some fixed gear climbing outside Glasgow.  Pretty right?

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Saigon Fixed

Getting around Saigon with a bike? Sign me up.

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Ride through Castleville

Tom and I did a beautiful ride yesterday.  We went all up through the Great Falls area on our fixed gear bikes.  It felt good to get away from the cars, as I'm so used to them when I ride my Mercier.  There were some formidable rollers, especially with a fixed gear bike, and one hill I recall us having to "zig-zag" just to ascend.  I call it the ride through Castleville because of the huge houses along the way.  I didn't record the whole ride, as we stopped for coffee and some mechanical…


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Fixed Gear Red Bull Obstacle Course Latvia

Red Bull set up this event as a course.  It looks like a lot of fun.  There are some nasty spills in it, but a lot of smiles too.  Enjoy!

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The Bike Series

Don't let me forget to post the second one.  I love the color the filmmaker uses, it look so good!  This is for those of you who need a fixed gear fix.  Enjoy!

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Redbull Ride N' Style Recap

I missed the Redbull Ride N' Style in San Francisco, and so I have to vicariously view it through these videos.  It's an annual event they hold which features all the various types of fixed gear riding.  They say it grows every year, and I can't say I'm surprised.  This is supposed to be a "rough edit," but I think it looks pretty good.

Some extra info and…


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Alleycat Addiction

The Alleycat Race is a understated race type.  More people ought to give it a try.  It's like insane field hockey on steroids.  It's anarchistic and revolutionary (a bad pun). Don't forget, it's also charitable.  Post your race today.  Organize a race and benefit a cause of your…


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The Narrow Margin

In a lot of ways, riding a bike is like going through life, sometimes the smallest difference makes all the difference.  That's exhibited here, in the Melbourne world track championships.  Chris Hoy just gave it that slight extra effort in this sprint, and it made the difference.  The incredible power and effort he put forth in that instant is astounding.  It wasn't just brute force, it was careful thought and a lot of…


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Mark of the Beast Recap

The Mark of the Beast Alleycat was a success!  Neil told me I missed a great time, and there's no doubt that's the case.  Check out some pictures here.

Photos courtesy of Kevin…


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Mark of the Beast - Washington DC Alleycat

If you're in the DC area, you can't miss this one.  Even if riding isn't your thing, the party will be grand.  My friend Jonni just made this video to help promote the ride.  He always turns out great work.  Not only does the ride money go towards the NACCCs, my…


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Fixed Touring

Although I'd like to do this someday, I'm not looking to do the amount of mileage these guys did in two days.  They rode from Grand Rapids Michigan to Mackinac Island.  Fixed gear touring looks like it would be a totally different experience.  I really dig the black and white too.  Who wants to do one of these?

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These streets look interesting.  I haven't made it to Norway yet, and it looks pretty cool to me.  The track bike Rapha did this little bit of city riding with is the Condor Lavoro.  Check it out:

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Whose Authority

There's a certain quality of freedom that comes with being a bike messenger.  It's not a conventional job by any means, the hours are long, the job is rough, and you're not exactly rolling in cash.  Yet the independence and freedom that comes along with it isn't all too bad.  This Nada Surf song "Whose Authority" expresses that.  They're from NYC and have just come out with a new album "The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy," with the…


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Keg Ride

I took a short ride to the bank and the grocery store today.  It's unnaturally nice outside, so I couldn't waste the weather.  I strolled into the store and thought it was a good idea to get a mini keg.  It fit right into my bag, and so I took off back to my place.  I never knew downhill could be so strenuous.  After a mile or two, my beer burden was weighing on me.  I could feel its glory in its resistance to gravity on the way up the hills.  Feast your eyes:…


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FGFS Barcelona

I got the chance to ride a little today.  Perfect day for riding.  I even did a few trackstands just for fun in between classes.  I can barely wait until summer rolls around, and it can be more like Barcelona.  These guys know the spots, and how to have a good time.  Definitely jealous of this excursion.  Where would you ride if given the opportunity?…


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