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Don't Ride on the Sidewalk Kids

Get out in the road.  

It's there for you too cyclist!  You pay taxes to be able to freely transport yourself from A to B.  There's no law against riding a bike in the road, and for good reason.  However riding on the sidewalk is a seldom enforced legal violation in many places.

I saw a man who was hit by a right-on-red motorist yesterday afternoon in Springfield, VA.  If you've ever tried to ride in Springfield, the place is a bike nightmare.  With the "Mixing Bowl"…


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This was mountain biking in the early years.  These things look like so much fun to ride!  If you've only ridden your multi-thousand dollar bike before, you're missing out.  What better way to have fun than to take out a bike and beat the hell out of it on some trails with a bunch of cool people?

Part 1

Part 2…


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Biking May Slow the Progression Parkinson's Disease

A 58 year old man had Parkinson's for 10 years, and managed to function fairly normally due to his biking routine.  He rides about 6 miles per day.  Just another reason why biking is awesome.  Read the article here.…


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Canada must be beautiful.  I've never really been, but as you can see, Mike Jones makes the most of its beauty by shredding down this hill.  Dig it.

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I watch this and I think to myself, is this what dreams of cycling look like once you translate them into a film clip?  It could be.  Mogwai is a great post-rock band.  I would recommend them to anyone, and the rider in this clip has an excellent style in hair.  Don't you think?

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Leogang – Hangman 1

I like this clip, because it's very genuine, and there's some good riding in it.  It's not professionally done, yet it's very well put together.  Also, I'm partial to Arcade Fire, so that definitely helps.  This fellow, Johannes Zobel is from Augsburg, Germany.  I didn't know how much ski resorts were used as downhill mountain biking courses in the off season.  Looks like a great time!…


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90s Downhill Competition

I saw this video and I had to post about it.  Anyone who competes or does something a little above the norm on a bike knows the adrenaline that comes on a descent.  These guys aren't even fazed after they eat it so hard on their bikes!  When I've gone down before, you really don't have time to feel anything, nor do you want to, you just want to jump back on and finish riding!  Also, I really like the bikes and the outfits these guys have.  Definitely legitimate.…


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Mountain Bike Park

People sometimes forget what mountain bikes are capable of in the right hands.  Those hands are not mine, but these guys have it down pretty well.  It's a different style than hitting the trails, but still definitely fun.  Enjoy!

Check out the shop's website at Ray's MTB.

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Lily the Dog

If you haven't already seen this video, you should, and show all of your friends who love dogs or mountain biking.  It hit the internet hard, and I love watching it.

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Who Thought Mountain Biking Could be Emotional?

I can't believe this only has a little over 6k views on youtube.  Simply…


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More Great Mountain Biking

Not only is the biking great in this video, you can tell that there's an immense amount of time and effort that was put into making and filming it.  It was shot all over the world by Aaron Larocque. Amazing stuff, biker or no.

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Cameras and Mountain Bikes

Both groups eat your heart out.  This thing is amazing, and I couldn't imagine the time that went into making it.  There's a series of these on youtube.  Great…


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Some off road fixed gear riding

I always wanted to try something like this, but I've never been on a bike quite like it.  Seems challenging but rewarding.

LCdS - été / summer / kesä from sealisthenewbeaver on Vimeo.


The video is…


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Danny MacAskill

Danny has been out of comission lately.  For those of you who love watching bike videos (myself included) he never disappoints.  The man basically had to fall off a cliff for him to take a break. Enjoy one of his older videos:


Also, this is his website, it's chock full of good stuff - Danny Macaskill



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A song for you.

For a spacey, futuristic bike ride.

Put in some good isolating earbuds so you are guaranteed to be hit by a car.

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