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Bike Camper, Bike Infrastructure Cost Estimates, Practical Bike Trip Target


Feeling some wanderlust? Want to go off into the wild blue yonder?  Have no money for gas?  Perhaps you'd like to check out the latest in "Velo-Home" Recreation.  Read more on the subject from CityLab.

Feast your eyes on the latest and greatest.  The trailer…


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Spin Lister Bicycle/Snowboard Rental
 boasts bicycle and snowboard/ski rentals.  But anyone can list, via the app or the website, and essentially make money by loaning an extra bike to someone.

And you're insured for theft and damage up to $5,000.



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Need a Spare? Bike Wheel or Car Wheel?

If you need a spare, look no further.  Just use your mountain bike 36 spoke wheel. Disclaimer: This is not recommended.

I wouldn't go at any high speed, as the tire is at a higher pressure and suited for only so much torsional load.  The consistent load directly…


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In 5 days the Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Launches

April 20th will mark the day Indianapolis has a bike share. It will have 250 bikes at 25 stations.

Check out their website to learn more.

Here's the locations of the…


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Valentine's Day Bicycle Love Rant


 I love bicycles!


What a fascinating contraption right?  They've been around for centuries, and haven't changed much in recent decades, design-wise anyways.  But there…


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Bruce Willis and Fred Armisen Sometimes Ride Bikes

Bruce Willis and Fred Armisen sometimes ride bikes.


So what? Who cares?  Well, popular opinion and the media do.  And endorsements are worth a lot of money.

Just thought I'd share with you a few clips.

Here's Bruce Willis riding a Citi Bike to the Letterman Show. I can't say I don't admire…


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World's First Suspended Bicycle Roundabout

Wow.  Look at that thing.  If this isn't a step in the direction of a Jetsons-like future, I don't know what is.

Designed by Ipv Delft and located between the localities of Eindhoven, Veldhoven and Meerhoven in the…


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SkyCycle and the London Donut Effect

There is a new transportation system being proposed in London by Foster and Partners.  The new system would be constructed over the existing train lines.  The system would be nearly 137 miles in length (220km).  It would be nearly 50 ft wide (15m) and feature over 200 entrance points.

Lofty, isn't it? I…


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New Fillet Brazed Bike

I've just gotten a chance to take my brand new fillet-brazed fixed gear bike I made out for a longer ride around Portland.  I built the wheels myself as well.  Since this picture, I've managed to wrap the handlebars and attach a brake lever. It cuts the corners like a hot knife through butter, and it's like a race horse out of the starting gate from a stop light.…


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FlyKly - Will it have an impact on the conventional bicycle market?

If you haven't already seen the buzz about this gizmo, watch the below video.

For those of us who are die-hard conventional bicycle aficionados, this thing looks ridiculous.  But, you can't…


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Don't Ride on the Sidewalk Kids

Get out in the road.  

It's there for you too cyclist!  You pay taxes to be able to freely transport yourself from A to B.  There's no law against riding a bike in the road, and for good reason.  However riding on the sidewalk is a seldom enforced legal violation in many places.

I saw a man who was hit by a right-on-red motorist yesterday afternoon in Springfield, VA.  If you've ever tried to ride in Springfield, the place is a bike nightmare.  With the "Mixing Bowl"…


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Around the World

You might be seeing more of these in your future:

You know that London has invested nearly £ 1 billion for bicycles and alternative transport in…


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Tour des Lacs Banlieue

Pardon if my French is poor.  I mean to say "Tour of Suburban Lakes."

Anyways, I had to get out and explore today.  And also, it was time to buy more light bulbs: excellent excuse to go on a ride.

Don't worry, those aren't miles.  It's a little over 31.5 miles in total length.…


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Bikes Can Even Fix Your Blown Off Finger!

Motion pictures are worth a billion words.

The man built this prototype out of bike parts.  Bikes to the rescue again.  What are your thoughts? Check out the full website…


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Drive Less Live More

" is a web-based program designed to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality by shifting local travelers from drive-alone car trips to healthier, active, and greener travel modes: these include transit, cycling, walking, carpool, vanpool, car-sharing, water-taxi and telecommuting.  This is called modeshift.

The website aims to accomplish…


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Bicycles in New York after Sandy

Photocredit: Streetblog/Elizabeth Press

Want to know how to get around post-natural disaster in a metropolitan city?  Try a bicycle.  Why? Roads are closed, the subway is flooded, the bottleneck effect is huge.  Well how do you get more through put on a road?  Just use a smaller vehicle.  Are the fuel stations…


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Cycling in China

How do you think of cycling in other countries?  Unfortunately, they say cycling in China is in decline.  A country that has relatively prospered without a a multitude of cars is finally falling victim to an overabundance of automobiles.  This is due to a lot of things, but I'm not expert on it.  All I know is, it's harder for people to ride a bike when there are more cars.  Evidently, the convenience and status appeal of the car has finally diffused from Western countries, and ironically I…


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VeloCity Bike Cooperative

I have yet to make it to this cooperative. One day I may, but in the mean time, it looks like they're doing just fine.  Check them out, work on your bike, and go hang out and bullshit.  It's a great way to meet people and learn. You can't beat that.

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Rise of the Pedaltarian

This is my favorite Bikenetic poster.


I went in to adjust the fit of my Jamis. Thanks for the advice…


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Helmet Hair

For the ladies out there, I'm going to attempt to recommend an article on a subject I know nearly nothing about - women's hair styles.  They say this is a good way to avoid helmet head, especially if you've got longer hair.  Let me know what you think!

Click here for…

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