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Van Diemen's Land

I saw this on Prolly's site, and it is awesome.  It's the sort of stuff that makes you speechless, and inspired.  Rapha doesn't make bad videos, they can find the most epic rides.  This place looks so brutal and unforgiving.  Props to the riders!  It makes me want to ride so much, but at the same time, it makes me want to curl up in a little ball of tired pain and fall asleep.  It's the weekend, the bike awaits!…


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The Great Ocean Road Classic, as filmed by Rapha.  I've watched this video countless times, and it always inspires me.  All I want to do after seeing it is get on my bike and ride.  Rapha has a great talent for making videos which speak to cyclists, especially those who ride on the road.  I think I'll add a link to their website, they have great routes mapped all over the Continental United States.…


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Monti Palladi

This clip is pretty old, but it will make you want to get on a bike and go in the mountains.  The perfect crisp day, standing in the saddle, gritting your teeth and giving it hell.  This stuff is both epic and iconic.  This was for the autumn 2010 line Rapha made.  Let it inspire you!…


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These streets look interesting.  I haven't made it to Norway yet, and it looks pretty cool to me.  The track bike Rapha did this little bit of city riding with is the Condor Lavoro.  Check it out:

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Enjoy Your Bike

Rapha did this clip not long ago.  I really like it.  It's a look into the past.  There's no doubt the climb and descent of this ride was intense.  Maybe one day I'll ride my bike in the Victorian Alps.  You can enjoy a bike at any age, and no matter what your ability.  It's hard to have a bad ride, as long as you're riding.…


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Girls on Bikes

Girls on bikes is a great thing.  It's easy to get the impression that biking is a male dominated sport/activity.  This is not so at all.  There are plenty of girls out there that could out run me on a bicycle without even being winded.  The Pedal Collective was started with the goal of getting more people on bikes, not just more men.  I would love to have as many women as men on this website.  Now watch these Rapha girls…


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24 Hour Time Trial

This video is killer.  Ever thought riding your bike at a time trial pace, for 24 hours?  Neither have I.  And you thought you had the bike affliction bad?  These guys can't get enough!  They accomplished over 400 miles in that time.  That's a lot in my opinion.  From Rapha.

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Rapha Shop-San Francisco

I wandered down to the Rapha coffee shop today.  There was great coffee and snacks, books, cycling apparel (who would have thought it?), and some nice photography/art.  I went up into the gallery, and who do I see there? My old buddy Joe Dombroski all over the wall.  People are watching you now Joe, you are definitely on the radar.  Keep up that good work!…


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2012 Rapha Women's Prestige

Rapha has been turning out videos so often lately, it's hard for me to keep up.  But I love it!

You get a little bit of a rider profile for a good amount of the ladies, which I find inspiring.  I can definitely dig what they said about getting away from civilization and enjoying the scenery.  Hearing each dream is great too.

"116 miles, 8800' climbing"…


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Rapha Northwest Gentleman's Race

I love the concept of a gentleman's race.  No one is left behind, and everyone finishes together.  Best type of race if you ask me.  Aside from that, this ride looks incredibly brutal, and there is no way that I could do it today.  Perhaps with more training I could one day.  That pool with a beer at the end looks so satisfying.

"The Oregon summer had a very late start this year. Cool and wet were prevailing themes right up into the month of August. However, the…


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Rapha: Santa Rosa

I didn't get a chance to ride Santa Rosa during my tour.  It looks like I would have loved it.

Who doesn't love that weightless feeling you get coming out of a switchback?  It definitely makes things interesting.  And the cattle grates.

I can identify with Andy on two things:  I am just riding my bike to explore,…


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Rapha's Little Switzerland

There's nothing like a ride in the rain.  If it's just the right temperature, and you have the right gear, it's almost as good as nice weather.  It brings a different element to the ride that you wouldn't have otherwise.  I personally hate cold weather, but rain doesn't bother me if I'm in my gear.  It's fun.  Hopefully the spring will bring more rides like this for everyone.  The quaint little towns and the spring showers with beautiful scenery make the ride so much better.  And if…


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This short was put together by filmmaker Andrew Telling.  It's an insight into what it's like for the younger riders in a professional training camp setting.  For those of us who may never have the experience, it's a clip you won't want to pass up.…


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San Fran Stop Motion and Polo

So far I've been tooling around town, doing tourist-type things, trying to save a little money but still have fun, and I've had relative luck so far.  I plan on going to the Rapha shop this afternoon, and maybe try my hand at bike polo tonight.  Here's a picturefrom Sunday night, when I was just spectating.…


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The 1910 Challenge

I never get tired of watching this.  If nothing can inspire you to ride, this will.  There's not much I can say about it, other than it is breathtaking.  The sheer feat itself is mind boggling, and I shall never know how they did it over 100 years ago.  As the one rider remarks, it is nothing less than a superhuman feat.  Think of this when you're out riding and those legs start to get a little tired, and you'll pull through!…


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