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Avon Celli e L’Eroica

I'd love to make it to one of these rides one day.  It has to be an experience doing it like they did decades ago.  Gotta love those gravel roads, nothing like it.

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Getting Lost

People who I've ridden with from time to time know that I sometimes create the ride as I go along.  Getting lost is a lot of fun.  You discover new places and see new people at a very comprehensible pace.

I meant to go to the store to get milk, cereal, and raisins.

Oops. I got a little…


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His Motha was a Mudda

That phrase came to mind during the ride for some reason.  Here's an example of the pronunciation I have in mind.  Anyways, it was a great ride.  Jared always puts on good rides at the shop.  The ride was pretty rough in my opinion.  It was damp and challenging.  There were were some pretty good climbs with a lot of gravel and mud.  I love that in a road ride.  A lot of people are put off by gravel or dirt on a road bike and only ride…


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Getting Gritty

I enjoy taking my road bike on gravel and dirt.  I think it makes it a lot more interesting, and its definitely more challenging.  The climbing is rough, and the descents are way more fun.  This article was interesting to me.  What are your thoughts of riding off pavement?

Who says a road…


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Ride through Shenendoah

This past weekend Josh and I did a two rides.  I did it partly to see how my bike might feel loaded down, and partly to enjoy the change of scenery.  There's no doubt about it, climbing with extra weight can cook your legs fast, but it was so much fun.  We camped at Natural Chimneys campground.  We stopped after the first day's ride and took a swim in the Maury River.  We agreed we couldn't think of a better way for a ride to end.

It rained for part of the second day's ride, but we…


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Rapha Northwest Gentleman's Race

I love the concept of a gentleman's race.  No one is left behind, and everyone finishes together.  Best type of race if you ask me.  Aside from that, this ride looks incredibly brutal, and there is no way that I could do it today.  Perhaps with more training I could one day.  That pool with a beer at the end looks so satisfying.

"The Oregon summer had a very late start this year. Cool and wet were prevailing themes right up into the month of August. However, the…


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Tour de Cure

Although this ride was mostly along a trail, I still found it enjoyable.  There was a lot to see along the way, and interesting people to meet.  I rode with the Suntrust team, and we did pretty well.  I took it upon myself to take brief gravel interludes which run parallel to the W&OD for the fun of it.  One fellow was particularly surprised to be seeing me do that on a road bike. There were a lot of people out there toting around kids on the ride, and my hat goes off to them.  It was a…


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2012 Rapha Women's Prestige

Rapha has been turning out videos so often lately, it's hard for me to keep up.  But I love it!

You get a little bit of a rider profile for a good amount of the ladies, which I find inspiring.  I can definitely dig what they said about getting away from civilization and enjoying the scenery.  Hearing each dream is great too.

"116 miles, 8800' climbing"…


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There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Just Bad Gear and Bad Attitudes

Well it is that time of year again, winter! The time of year where many of us hang up the bike and take on a sedentary lifestyle. The time of year where our New Year Resolutions include becoming more active and eating less sugar, after the Holidays of course. For some, including those who live in Virginia then you know that this time of year is plagued by bitter cold temperatures. And with all these factors, you might be the weekend warrior that finds him/herself pushing on alone.  Well if…


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Haymarket Winter Bike League

I participated in the ride yesterday.  I say I participated because, well, that's about all I did.  I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy pedaling and freezing into a popsicle.  These guys are grade A category 1 racers.  The ones that aren't can definitely hold a candle to some of the best out there.

It was about 23 degrees with a 10-15 mile per hour wind.  Just think a while and let that sink in.  Plenty cold for me, a naturally cold-hating person.  But I wouldn't have…


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Harper's Ferry Trip

So this past weekend, Jules and I departed to Harper's Ferry from Great Falls.  We stopped a few times along the way in White's FerryBrunswick, and a few other places.…


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I'm writing my stories of attempting physical activity. 4/10/13 DAY 1: FAILURE

I just really need to rant about how much the world doesn't want me to succeed at this, how little I know about bikes, and how it affects my measly amount of motivation for physical activity, mostly because I think it's funny. It isn't Louis C.K. funny, but laughing at misfortune and inadequacy is still the overall point. Attempt 1 at physical activity after about 9 months of none at all went like this:

1:15pm AMPED for a warm day, I pull out my bike.

1:30-2:00 I whine for a…


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Valentine's Day Bicycle Love Rant


 I love bicycles!


What a fascinating contraption right?  They've been around for centuries, and haven't changed much in recent decades, design-wise anyways.  But there…


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