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Ireland Enduro

Greg Callaghan has been downhilling for years.  A new discipline has grown on him as of late: enduro.  Downhilll is brutal itself, but enduro is a whole other beast, probably even more demanding.  Long distance downhilll riding, with climbing included.  Check out his clip below.…


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Sunset Peaks

There are those videos that make you want to rush out and buy a downhill mountain bike.  This is one of them.  In this clip, Matt Miles rides down the slopes of Sunset Peaks Bike Park.  He shreds through those corners like a skier cutting through fresh powder.  Such disgusting precision is displayed, it keeps you on the edge of your seat.  The Phantogram remix isn't bad either.…


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90s Downhill Competition

I saw this video and I had to post about it.  Anyone who competes or does something a little above the norm on a bike knows the adrenaline that comes on a descent.  These guys aren't even fazed after they eat it so hard on their bikes!  When I've gone down before, you really don't have time to feel anything, nor do you want to, you just want to jump back on and finish riding!  Also, I really like the bikes and the outfits these guys have.  Definitely legitimate.…


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Canada must be beautiful.  I've never really been, but as you can see, Mike Jones makes the most of its beauty by shredding down this hill.  Dig it.

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Four by Three

Rachel Atherton has been winning championships ever since she was a kid.  As far as British downhillers go, she's part of the elite.…


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Leogang – Hangman 1

I like this clip, because it's very genuine, and there's some good riding in it.  It's not professionally done, yet it's very well put together.  Also, I'm partial to Arcade Fire, so that definitely helps.  This fellow, Johannes Zobel is from Augsburg, Germany.  I didn't know how much ski resorts were used as downhill mountain biking courses in the off season.  Looks like a great time!…


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Thin Air

Rubbing shoulders with celestial beings, that's the way to go.  Make the most out of your opportunity to ride, and go for the gold.  These guys hiked all the way to the top, over 9000 ft, just to go back down again.  Totally worth it.  Looks like a great time to me!

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A HIll in Spain

That last Chris Akrigg video made me think of this one.  I think it's really well done, and easy to watch.  Looks like a lot of fun riding.  The town looks really pretty too.  For some reason, my favorite part is when he shoots through the stream.  Pretty sweet.

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New Zealand Downhill

Brook Macdonald is an up-and-coming downhilll mountain biker from New Zealand.  Gorgeous scenery down there, to be sure.  Brook shreds it up like a pro.  Well, if you think about it, he is a pro.  Anyways, solid riding, solid filming, just inspiring all around.…


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David McMillan's Bio

For being 17, this kid destroys.  They say he has a strange style, but I'm no expert.  Perhaps what they mean by that is, he makes it look so effortless.  He makes watching that much better by adding a little flare to what he does.  I think he's got a great future ahead of him.

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Whitefish Bike Retreat First Summer

Our first two months have been a success - the excitement about the Retreat is spreading and the interest in the riding in Montana is expanding everyday!  We have been hosting cyclists passing through the Whitefish Area - all the way from Sweden and the Netherlands to as close as Kalispell.  The diversity of riding in the Whitefish area ranges from cross country to downhill to free ride to epic wilderness single track to family trail terrains.  The Flathead Valley has it all!…


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Mt Fyffe

I've said it once and I'll say it again: New Zealand looks beautiful.  And this is pretty rugged as well.  No doubt a pretty rough run, but well worth it.

It's nice to see older cyclists helping new ones along in the sport/hobby/passion.  You can go anywhere on your bike, as far as I'm concerned.  Travel is a…


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Keg Ride

I took a short ride to the bank and the grocery store today.  It's unnaturally nice outside, so I couldn't waste the weather.  I strolled into the store and thought it was a good idea to get a mini keg.  It fit right into my bag, and so I took off back to my place.  I never knew downhill could be so strenuous.  After a mile or two, my beer burden was weighing on me.  I could feel its glory in its resistance to gravity on the way up the hills.  Feast your eyes:…


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