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Getting Gritty

I enjoy taking my road bike on gravel and dirt.  I think it makes it a lot more interesting, and its definitely more challenging.  The climbing is rough, and the descents are way more fun.  This article was interesting to me.  What are your thoughts of riding off pavement?

Who says a road…


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Bike Chaser

If you're like me, and you spend an extensive amount of time watching too many bike videos, you've probably seen this one.

This little dog is fast.  I mean really fast.

Lily is her name, and she is a mountain bike chasing machine.…


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His Motha was a Mudda

That phrase came to mind during the ride for some reason.  Here's an example of the pronunciation I have in mind.  Anyways, it was a great ride.  Jared always puts on good rides at the shop.  The ride was pretty rough in my opinion.  It was damp and challenging.  There were were some pretty good climbs with a lot of gravel and mud.  I love that in a road ride.  A lot of people are put off by gravel or dirt on a road bike and only ride…


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Buffalo Soldiers

25th Infantry at Yellowstone in 1896

For those of you who are a little rusty on history, the Buffalo Soldiers, as they were called, where all black regiments enlisted to fight the Confederacy during the Civil War.

They helped pioneer bicycles as the original alternative to mainstream…


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