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Kona Cyclocross

Cyclocross is one of the most fun things you can do on a bike.  Not only is it fun to participate, it's fun to watch.  Anyone who likes bikes can get into it.

Anyone can get into cyclocross, including you!

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Women's Cyclocross Championship

Katie Compton is, for the 8th year in a row, the USA National Cyclocross Champion. Katie has amassed twelve World Cup wins and three medals at the Cyclocross World Championships making her the most successful US Cyclocross athlete male or female in the sport.  I for one am amazed by watching this video.  So crucial.  Those girls really know how to get out there and destroy!…


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Baryt Cyclocross

I don't post much about cyclocross.  I don't know why, it's awesome of course.  But it just seems as though it's a less prolific facet of bike culture.  It's seasonal, so it has that working against it, and to some, it's intimidating.

Well these guys can definitely ride cyclocross.  They're practicing,…


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Cyclocross for the Everyman

Jeff Frane is bringing cyclocross to the Everyman.  This is an idea I can truly get behind.  I would say The Felix 24 event I hosted was right along these lines.

"...taking bits from all the…


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San Jose Cyclocross Arena

Sixty acres of land has been given the "go ahead" by city staff. 

This was possible with the San Jose Parks Foundation, Guadalupe River Park Conservancy, the San Jose Police Department, and San Jose city councilman Sam Liccardo, who represents the downtown district.

Since it's a "cyclocross arena" that means it's devoted, as in YEAR ROUND.

Just saying.  Proposed layout:…


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Switchback in SF

This single speed cyclocross competition looks so amazing.  I am definitely envious of its participants, and even the spectators.  Looks like good people, good beer and good fun!  The interviews are really interesting, but what I took away from it was that it wasn't as important who won, but sort of how you raced.  The experience seemed to be the main goal, and for most, it was a goal easily achieved.…


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1960s Cyclocross

These guys are tough.  They didn't have have carbon or cowbells.  They had steel bikes and no predefined courses with ribbon.  I definitely respect them for doing it hardcore.  This is when the sport was still being defined.  Its not about what bike you have, but what you're able to do with it.…


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I believe I watched this about a year ago.  With summer coming, it came to my attention once more.  This footage is so cool.  I would hate to know what a camera like this costs.  You're not really aware of the amount of abuse bicycles and riders take regularly.  The sheer simplicity of the machine is amazing for all the things it's able to accomplish, if you step back in observe.…


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Lays Potato Chips

You can never have just one.  I feel as though that's accurate.  It's difficult to have an all around bicycle, although people have tried.  Different bikes are meant for different things.  This article expands more on the topic.…


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Chris Hoy and Danny Macaskill

This is the mentality I had in mind when I founded The Pedal Collective.

Olympic gold medalist Chris Hoy and professional trials cyclist Danny Macaskill had a little meet up at the velodrome.  Danny had to give it a shot, and it turns out he's quite good at it.  No surprise…


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Night Ride to Room 11

So I set out at about 9:30 towards the city.  The night was perfect.  It was cool, but not uncomfortable.  I bought some smartwool, which I would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of riding in the cold weather.  The trail was empty and quiet.  Once I arrived in the city, I figured out how to get to Room 11.  I walked in and it was a great place.  I had a tripel, some lamb, and a sour beer.  I met a guy there named Andrew, he said he had been doing cyclocross for about a year now and…


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