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Spring BMX

White wall tires and babies.  And some mighty fine BMX riding.  I haven't posted a BMX clip in a while, so I thought you might like this one.

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For the BMX People Out There

A video preview of the upcoming DVD FBM's "Thousand Yard Stare."


Added by Joe Paisley on November 9, 2011 at 12:09am — 3 Comments

Colombian BMX

Jonathan Ferrehir, a rider in Columbia, put this edit together.  All I can say is wow.  Some great air and some awesome gaps.  It's just good all around.  Enjoy!

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Fiend BMX

I feel as though I've neglected those BMXers out there, so here's a clip for you.  I'm pretty sure these guys shred pretty hard.  Perhaps Shredfest is the proper term.  You be the judge.  I also dig the music they put to it "Ultimate Spinach - Visions of Your Reality."  So good.  The team is Fiend BMX.  Enjoy!…


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Yugo Ito

Tokyo is a beautiful and great city.  I'd love to get back there one day.  This short little film is about Yugo, a resident, who loves riding BMX around the city.  Makes me want an Asahi.  I dig that piano.

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Dragon Blood

I feel that I've been neglecting all of those BMX people out there with these blogs.  I'd like to address that.  But also, I would like to point out that anyone can like this video.  It's fun to watch and its amazing.  You will be wowed.  This clip was featured in the 2010 bicycle film festival, and it's worth the watch.  Enjoy!

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The Cool Kids BMX Music Video

There are a lot of music videos with bicycles in them.  I'll try to post more as time goes on.  I hadn't seen this one yet, and I'm happy to share it with you.  Such a good groove.  Much to my surprise, The Cool Kids are coming to a show near me!  How excellent is that?  I may have to make it a point to attend.  They have a new album out, When Fish Ride Bicycles.  The website is interactive! Solid.…


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Carbon Road Carving Lines

If you haven't seen this yet, it's pretty impressive.  These guys have true faith in their equipment.  I have to say, its a wonder something didn't break.  It goes to show you how well quality carbon can hold up.  Those are some pretty tight rim brakes too.  Enjoy!

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Ground Control

As the title of the video implies, it's all about ground control.  Flat land tricks take a lot of skills.  You can do them anywhere, and they're just so cool.  This guy looks like he's effortlessly dancing with a partner.  The amount of balance for this sort of thing is amazing.

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The Wallrides

I liked posting that last BMX video so much, I thought I'd do it again.  This is one of my favorites for sure.  The spot they have is inspiring.  These guys from New Zealand try to explain why they ride and what it feels like.  In my opinion, there's no real way to describe why you ride your bike, and there's no concise answer.  You just know why.  There are those times when you ride with your friends, and the way you feel comes together.  You vaguely understand each other, and then it's…


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First Fast Road Ride in a While

Anyone who rides in the suburbs can tell you that rush hour traffic can be no fun.  This ride wasn't so bad until I hit a major bottleneck at Yate's Ford Road.  Yet Clifton is a beautiful area.  I will admit, I got lost a few times, but it was no big deal.

I came across a BMX rider, who wished me a good day at a light.  Most bicycle people are some of really nice, and they often have an unspoken bond with other bicycle people, even if it's not the same type of bike.  Makes me feel…


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"No Bikes Allowed"

I would bet that anyone who rides BMX can tell you they've had this problem from time to time.

Finding a place to ride that's worthwhile is a problem most cyclists share, whether it's road, mountain, or whatever.  Sure, you might get away with riding some where for a while, but there's…


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It's All About Community

The way I see it, if you're on two wheels most of the time, you're part of a culture.  There are many facets to biking, and sometimes people get myopic in their scope.  To me, riding a bike is a common interest and something which brings people together far more than most things in life.  Not to get all deep and dramatic about it, but if you think about it, you know there's truth to that statement.  There's a sense that when you're on a bike, life is a lot simpler, and people are more…


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Breakin' LA Teaser

I saw this clip for an upcoming film.  It's called Breakin' LA.  Their website is here.  Not sure when the release date is, but I wouldn't mind seeing it.  From what I can gather, it looks to be a unified bicycle effort to retake the urban landscape of LA by some folks from Hamburg, Germany.  Also, they're helping out the homeless!  All types of bicycles working together to bring awareness to a very car-driven culture in…


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